Myths about Root Canal – Debunked!

The idiom i’d rather have a root canal, comes to mind when people talk about worst case scenarios. This is because root canals were very painful. The operative word here being were. 

There are many more false beliefs about a root canal treatment, wherein we will clear up with this article.

Myth #1: Root canals are painful.

Before a patient can know that he needs a root canal procedure, the severe toothache caused by the damaged tissues is the most the agony he will have to experience. With modern technology on dental practices and anaesthetics, patients will experience little pain when having the root canal procedure done. Now, with advances in dental surgery, a root canal may feel like a regular dental filling procedure.  A root canal treatment, with the best dentist, can be as painless as possible.

 In fact, having an inflamed and decaying tooth will hurt even more than the actual root canal treatment itself.

Myth #2: Root canals need more visit to the dental clinic

Root canal treatment may be completed in two and even just one appointment to the dental office. There are certain factors that will determine how many appointments you would need to make. They are the extent of the infection, the complexity of the treatment, and whether another dentist will be necessary.


Myth #3: Root canal can make the patients ill

Almost a century ago, Dr. Westin Price explained that endodontic or root canal treatment can add towards the incidence of diseases in the body. Dr. Price went on saying that tooth extraction, or the removal of one’s tooth is a better alternative.

There is no valid evidence which leads root canal treatments as a contributor to illnesses in the body. There is a recent research that debunks this, as patients who have multiple endodontic treatments have a higher chance of reducing cancer.

Tooth extraction is in fact even more bacteria causing and is even traumatic than a root canal. Root canals are safe as the treatment has been intended to eliminate bacteria from the infected tooth, avert repeated infections, and save one’s natural tooth.

Myth #4: A tooth extraction is better than a root canal

Keeping your own tooth is always the best option. This is why a root canal treatment has been recommended rather than a tooth extraction.

Once you have your tooth removed, you will need an artificial tooth, either a crown or a bridge. With the artificial tooth, there may be certain foods you cannot eat. So, saving your pearly whites and natural tooth has always been the better option.


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