Madz (Dental Assistant)


“She was also a dentist in the Philippines! So we are 100% sure you’ll be in good hands!”

Let me help you

I am a simple person who loves to work and be a blessing to others. I grew up in a family with the atmosphere of faith and prayer and close to the church.

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Quote: Do your best, God will do the rest
  • Idea of how to make the world a better place: Being fair and considerate to others
  • Did you know.. (Fun dental fact): Coconuts are a natural anti-bacterial food and can help reduce the risk of developing gum disease and cavities.
  • What makes you smile: Surprises and when I make people happy
  • What is your most memorable experience at the dental office?: The first time I took a very good xray on a patient
  • How were you able to help patient out the most? Making them comfortable and being gentle