Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Notice a tooth growing in your baby’s gums. Well, it’s a sign to rejoice as this is after all your baby’s first teeth.

Your child’s first teeth may begin emerging when he is about five to ten months.  Your child’s baby teeth are important as this helps him chew, speak clearly, and of course have that rousing smile.  Now, don’t be too comfortable, as even baby teeth can have dental problems. The most common of which is baby bottle tooth decay.

Baby bottle tooth decay is often caused by too much sugar. Your child’s teeth may be exposed for a long time to sweetened drinks such as milk, formula and juices. What more, using a honeyed or sweetened pacifier may also contribute to this.



Another cause of this is when the mother or the care giver has tooth decay. The bacteria from the mom may then pass on to the baby, as they often share spoons.

Don’t fret just yet as tooth decay is preventable. Practice good oral hygiene for your baby’s healthy gums and teeth. Pediatric dentistry suggests to the following:

  • After feeding, make sure to wipe your baby’s gum with a clean cloth or gauze pad. Clean and massage the spaces where there are no teeth.
  • Brush your baby’s teeth hen his first tooth emerges. Don’t use toothpaste just yet. Toothpaste is advisable for age three and up.
  • Never fill your baby’s bottle with sugar and soft drinks.
  • Don’t let your child fall asleep with a bottle containing anything but water.
  • Never give your baby a pacifier that has been doused with sugar or anything sweet.
  • When your baby turns one, it is best to schedule a visit to the dental office by this time. Your dentist can give you suggestions, offer coatings, and treat your baby’s dental problems.


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