Our Office


We do our best to make our patients’ dental experience very easy and convenient. With our Dentrix software, we are able to computerize all our patients’ dental records, x-rays, and charts. This means patients don’t have to write down their medical history and personal information, no more lost, incomplete, or misfiled records.


Our patients’ dental records are well-protected. We do back up everyday to ensure the security of all patients information. We can answer all your concerns regarding oral health using our Guru software that is integrated with Dentrix. It helps us to quickly create sleek, compelling case presentations, so that we can connect to our patients with their best possible treatment right in the chair. It also focuses patient ‘down time’ on office visits, with animations in Spanish and English on our iPad or computers. Finally, with our Guru Email, we are able to connect with our patients in their homes with email-ready playlists, so they can research Doctor’s recommendations, and share treatment decisions.

Insurance billing and requesting pre-authorizations are done electronically. We also have the means to verify patients’ eligibility and benefits online. Our charting and treatment planning are documented directly into our system so that it can be easily accessed and can be printed out for future reference. With this kind of technology, it will make our lives, and yours, a lot easier!