High Tech




Our office uses a digital dental radiograph to detect early signs of oral diseases. This is an important tool in the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems, like, tooth decay, tooth abscess, cyst or tumor, and impacted or extra teeth. It can also expose bone loss from periodontal gum disease. It can help determine the condition of some dental works, such as, crowns, bridges, fillings, root canals and implants. Digital x-rays offer the advantage of reducing exposure to radiation. There is no need for films or any processing chemicals. The image is produced instantaneously. And there is also the ability to use color contrast in the image.



This is a device used to clean the teeth, and is also used for gum treatment. It vibrates back and forth using ultrasonic waves. The vibration is used to effectively remove calculus and tartar build up on patients’ teeth. It transmits quiet vibration, minimal heat, and a fine misting spray of water, that helps wash away any debris from the teeth, for a more satisfactory and convenient patient experience. This is more comfortable than other devices that remove plaque.




There is no doubt that digital-imaging technologies help save time. Neither doctor nor patient has to wait to view the x-rays. Instead, they are processed in seconds. If the doctor notices a crack in the patient’s tooth, an intraoral camera can be used to immediately show this to the patient and educate them quickly and effectively about treatment using images taken in real-time. It’s like using a Polaroid instead of the traditional camera.