st1Our office sets a very high standard when it comes to cleanliness and patient protection. We know that patients are concern about the safety of delivering our patient care to them. That is why we make sterility of our dental equipment and/or materials and safety of our environment our top priority.

st2We are Center for Disease Control, OSHA and American Dental Association compliant. We have annual training with OSHA to meet their safety and sterilization guidelines. Our objective is to administer the same high quality that we want for us and for our own families.

st3We use state-of-the-art sterilization technology, which is designed to place all the hand-piece instruments in one place to kill all microorganisms, especially spore forming bacteria.


st4Before sterilization is done, hand-piece instruments that are put in individual pouches, are placed in an ultrasonic cleaner. A solution is diluted with water. The machine vibrates to remove the debris from the instruments.

st5Then we use an apparatus, called an autoclave, to sterilize equipment and supplies by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam at 134 °C, typically for 35 minutes. All pouched instruments are opened only at chair side, in front of our patients. We never touched them with our bare hands to make sure it’s sterile.

st6We clean our patient care areas between each patient. We wipe our chairs, counters and apparatus with a disinfectant. Most of our equipments are shielded with disposable plastics covers.

We change gloves and masks between every patient and we use goggles for ourselves and for our patients to protect the eyes from water splashes.

st7We use a dental vacuum line cleaner, called Vacusol that is non-toxic formula safe for daily use. It breaks down and removes organic material and synthetic debris. It increases suction performance.